Flowers of Fate: eBook 2

Book 2 of Dark Raven Chronicles

A lone witch awakens in a strange land uncertain how she came to be there. All she has in the world is her loyal thunder-sprite, a burning desire for justice and a strange black wand that once belonged to another. Her name is Sunday Flowers and until just a short while ago she was dead.

Recruiting three incredible warriors of magic she sets off for Britain intent on making a lone stand against the Illuminata Knighthood and there has never been a better time to strike – the order is in disarray as rival families across Europe fight for the coveted title of Knight-Superior.

So desperate are the British bloodlines to retain power that they resort to forbidden esoteric arts. As Sunday races towards London hoping to disrupt the Illuminata’s grand tournament, she draws ever closer to a confrontation with not only knights and krakens, but also sinister forces summoned from the mind of Ruination itself.

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